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Did you know –
that the ‘Paul Neuhaus / Peill+Putzler / LeuchtenDirekt’ group sets free many diverse synergies?

Paul Neuhaus Leuchten:
• Comprehensive range of
   domestic light fittings for
   every taste and style
• Careful production methods

• Excellent lighting design for
  commercial premises and
  domestic use
• Top quality and a long

• Affordable domestic and
  decorative lighting
• Special offer lines and


In 2002, LeuchtenDirekt
was founded and Peill +
Putzler was incorporated
into the business in 2007.
We thus now offer you a
very broad range of
lighting expertise,
corresponding to the
different areas of focus
of each brand.

Did you know –
that Paul Neuhaus Leuchten is already in its second generation of operation as a successful family business?

Everything began in October 1962 as a two-man business.
Paul Neuhaus invested in a machine for working wood and
produced turned wooden parts for the light fittings industry in
the Sauerland. Later he extended his production activities by
adding the manufacture of shades and electrical components.
Wooden table and standard lamps thus laid the foundation for
the present-day business. Over the following years, the
company and product range were continually developed in line with the needs of the market.

The entry into the business of Ralf Neuhaus, the founder’s son, saw the second chapter in the history of Paul Neuhaus GmbH begin in 1988. Relocation to Werl (in 1994), constant broadening of the product range and the establishment of contacts in Asia and all over the world have today made Paul Neuhaus GmbH, now employing over 150 staff, into one of the leading medium-sized family businesses in the sector.