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Peill+Putzler - Germany
Peill+Putzler - Excellente Qualität und klassische Formensprache
  • We provide an availability guarantee of 20 years on replacement glass for Peill+Putzler light fittings.
  • On request, we also produce special technical designs, such as emergency lighting, rechargeable battery fittings with monitoring, motion detectors with radar logging and dimmable EVGs.
  • Our trained staff will provide you with advice tailored to your requirements and, if desired, prepare you an appropriate quotation.
Quality of the highest standard
and perfect design - the epitome of light fittings from Peill+Putzler

Over the last 30 years, Peill+Putzler light fittings have been
recognised with numerous design awards and tributes. Not
only the great design quality has been acclaimed, but also
the standards of technical production and the company’s
lighting expertise. At our production site in Werl the fittings
are built exclusively using top quality, tested components
from Germany and surrounding neighbouring countries. We
are thus able to guarantee that our light fittings will last a
very long time. Even after many years, at Peill+Putzler you
will have no problem getting hold of spares for your light
fittings, especially for the commercial property sector.